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Thursday, December 3, 2015

An Eventful Day!

So, I have been publishing a new post about once a week now, so I guess I should keep that up haha! Today in of itself has been quite eventful. I received my flu shot (ugh) and my second Hepatitis A vaccination (ugh) and I really, really, realllyyyyy do not like shots hahaha.
Anyways, I have to take the Typhoid vaccination too, BUT it is an oral vaccine (thank goodness) so that is wayyy easy! I also had to do (well my mom, actually had to do) a few things concerning our insurance for when I leave. I also got my first itinerary for my travels to and from the Mexico City, Mexico MTC today! Now all I have to do is send my passport info to the Church and I am good to go on my travel and my immediate necessary preparations! Woohoo!! I am getting excited as the days go by quickly. We are now at a little over 12 days until the Temple and just about 40 days until I depart for the MTC. There is so much to think about as the days get closer. And I always think about the dumb stuff like, "What am I going to eat after I am done at the temple" or "What am I going to eat during my layover at the airport," I guess I just think about food lol. But, I have thought about the more serious stuff too, like, "Who is going to see me off at the airport?" or "who will I invite to witness my setting apart?" or "When am I going to say goodbye to everyone?" and even "What will my MTC President and Mission President be like? And what about the people whom I will teach?" Believe it or not the day is coming. I was just thinking that I have something of importance happening almost every week until I depart. At the end of this week I have my sister's birthday party, next week I will pick up my passport, the week after that I go to the Temple, the week after that is Christmas, the week after that is New Years, the week after that I will be done at my temporary job at pizza hut, and the week after that I depart.... That's crazy! Anyways, I just posted to keep everyone informed and let you know I love all of you! Have a great weekend and if you want to see me before I go or anything let me know and I'll get in touch!



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