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Friday, November 27, 2015

Shopping: A Success

A lot of us have experienced going into a clothing store and being there for what seems like hours as a mother or siblings try on item after item of clothing with no success in finding the "perfect" piece of clothing...
As many of you know, I just recently completed my shopping for my missionary attire. My parents and I all wanted the shopping done so that we can spend more time together with few worries about other things. So, I walked into Men's Wearhouse and within 10-15 minutes my suits had been picked out... What?! Well, we figured out my suit size, asked the kind lady to help us find a black suit and a gray suit and BAM! The first two she showed me are the ones I bought! Amazing! Hahaha! But really, it was a great experience and a great time to spend with my dad. We purchased everything included on the packing list that afternoon and we were done! So although the title is about shopping, I would like to share what I have been doing to prepare for my mission, hoping it might inspire a person or two, to intensify their study of the Gospel. Right now, I have a list for every week I have remaining until I depart. For Example, this upcoming week, I have plans to restart Chapter 3 of Preach My Gospel. This week I will be studying Lesson 1 in that chapter, The Restoration of the Gospel. I will study it and near the end of the week hopefully practice teach that lesson without the help of written aids, because it is my belief that if I know the doctrines well, when I learning a foreign language it will be easier to learn how to teach what I already know, instead of learning what to teach as well as what language to teach it in. Anyways, also this coming week I will be studying Chapter 7 of Preach My Gospel, which is Learning the Language of your Mission. Obviously 7 days of scripture study is included in my checklist. I also have been working on Christlike Attributes through scripture study and through changing some of my everyday actions to improve those attributes or to make them known in my life. This week that Attribute is Faith. The final thing on my weekly checklist is continuing to study the Missionary Handbook. This handbook outlines appropriate and inappropriate behaviors and actions of missionaries, reminding them that they are representatives of the Lord's Church. I love you guys and I will update you again soon!




  1. Good for you Daniel! If ye are prepared ye,shall not fear!

    1. Thanks Sister Merrill! I've got preparation down pretty well ;)