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Thursday, December 10, 2015

34, ALMOST 33 Days!!

Each day I am becoming more and more amazed at how time flies. Almost 33 days, less than 5 weeks, I will be entering the Mexico Missionary Training Center to begin my mission! I am so excited!! So, today I actually received a letter from my mission president, and I am super excited about that. President Palmer and his wife seem so wonderful, I cannot wait to meet them. So I found out that my mission is a driving and biking mission, meaning that I will be able to drive in some areas and bike in others and even do a little bit of both in some areas! Needless to say I am getting quite excited to begin this amazing adventure. I was going to share some words and feelings about the Temple but I think that will fit better for next week. I keep saying all of my shopping for my mission is done but that never really is true hahaha. Grandma Kathy always allows my sisters and I to pick out our own Christmas gifts and then she wraps them and we get them Christmas Day. It takes a lot of stress off of her. I have been telling family that all I need is money because of the restrictions of luggage size and the limited type of items customs will allow across the border. But today when she made me go, I got a peacoat for my mission and a scarf because I love scarves! But anyways, that was my day today. My studies have been going quite well, I enjoy studying the Preach My Gospel manual more frequently and acquainting my self with the many mission rules in the missionary handbook. Now I am down to going to the Temple next week, Christmas the week after, New Years the week after that, hopefully my farewell party the week after that, and then adiĆ³s for 2 years! This is nuts! Anyways, if you want to hang out or anything before I am gone, let me know and we can figure something out, I am pretty open availability.

With love,


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