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Friday, November 6, 2015

Awaiting the Call: The Wait of a Lifetime!

So as you may imagine, waiting for a mission call seems like it takes FOREVER to arrive. I submitted my application to the Stake President on October 18, 2015. After some missing information was found that application was submitted 6 days later. 4 days after the submission to Church Headquarters, my dad received a call from Church Headquarters,
requiring an additional test be completed and the results sent back in immediately... Ugh! A second delay! Well, everything aligned right and we submitted the test results for the new test the same day! 1 week later, in a tithing settlement interview, Bishop Gray tracked the progress of my mission call to find out that the application was pending assignment. I was kind of disappointed... The next day I logged into the missionary portal (missionary.lds.org) only to find this when I logged in...

The portal just a day earlier had information on preparing for a mission and materials to look over. Now it was requiring a PIN number that was located in a call packet! My excitement escalated and I was overjoyed to know that a call would be coming my way shortly... But now that I know that it is coming, my patience are even thinner... ha! Well, this is where I am at now, so I will continue to prepare to serve and update everyone as I go along!

With love,